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The freshness and the aroma of the beautiful tea estates that we visited the earlier day was still fresh in my mind. We decided to explore Ooty city the following day and also climb The Dodabetta Peak- the highest point in Nilgiri Mountain Range.

Rose Garden Ooty
Rose Garden Ooty

But , the inclement weather played spoilsport as a result of which we decided to cut our Ooty sightseeing to only Rose Garden;  moreover, we had an extra day to cover the remaining places.

Our first stop was Rose Garden (formerly known as Jayalalithaa Rose Garden) -the "largest rose garden in the country". We were told that there are as many as 3800 varieties of roses to be found there. Situated at an altitude of 2200 metres and on the slope of a hill, it provides  a great view of the town. 

When we reached there the “environment” was quite refreshing and calm. Since it has drizzled in the morning, the rose petals and the leaves had little droplets on them as we see in North India very early winter morning due to dew. I am attaching some pictures we took as it impossible to describe such natural beauty in mere words.

Roses in the garden
Roses in the garden
Yellow roses in rose garden
Yellow roses in rose garden
Red rose in black and white background
Red rose in black and white background
Close up pic of a rose in the garden
Close up pic of a rose in the garden

A glimpse of huge rose beds in the garden
A glimpse of huge rose beds in the garden

Our next destination was the highest point of the Nilgiri Mountain Range – The Dodabetta PeakThere is a reserved forest around the peak.The Dodabetta Peak is situated amidst the forests.
If one doesn't have company, one might feel like they have lost the track of the path. Fortunately for us, there were a number of vehicles which acted as our "saviour" and guided us to the right path on that day. ( Google Maps don’t work in that region as network is down). The road to the point is very rocky and bumpy.

Road to Dodabetta Peak from Ooty
Road to Dodabetta Peak from Ooty

Cars were stopped some 500 metres before the actual point and one needs to walk from there on. As we walked we could feel the winds blowing with enormous speeds, making us all the more affirmative about the fact that we are going to reach a mountain peak.

When we came nearer to the peak, we saw that there is a platform built on the peak for tourists. From the platform, one can view the Chamundi hills in the distance while on the other side lie the familiar Ketty Valley.

 This view of Ketty valley was very different than what I had seen from the toy train; compelling us to believe that yes it is indeed the “second largest valley” in the world.

There is a telescope house built in the middle of the platform. Different views from the peak can be seen from there. There were a few local eateries present where one can enjoy a sip of hot tea/coffee along with hot tasty Maggi !!!

Telescope at Dodabetta Peak
Telescope at Dodabetta Peak

When it started to get dark, we decided to go to our hotels and retire there. As per our plan, we still had a day left and we decided to visit all those places,on the next day, which we missed because of the early morning drizzle.

The places that we visited today are apt for all the people searching for tranquillity as well as adventure; a break from day to day businesses. Rose Garden had some splendid views in offer and Dodabetta Peak is as majestic as it has been described by travellers!

Black and White Sunset
Black and White Sunset

Next article will be on Emerald Lake – the most serene, clean and peaceful lake I have ever witnessed in my life!

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Himank Sawhney said...

got to know about the largest rose garden of the country.. great stuff..

Kavya Singh said...

Such an informative article! Loved it. :D

Ayush Saini said...

More than 20,000 varieties of rose


Ankita Kashyap said...

Amazing (y)

Rohit Vashistha said...

Wow awesome pictures!!!!! Nice work holidayplans.....

divya said...

Nice one (y)

richa jha said...

Very beautiful place,lovely pics..
Well done guys (y)

Disha Garg said...

Great work (y) The beauty of the place is truly mesmerizing :D

sarthak said...

Awesome place. A place where you can propose to a girl and expect only YES. A place where the fragrance and aroma is such that you can naturally have an "AXE-EFFECT".

Divyam Garg said...

All : Thanks a lot and keep blogging for more stuff!
Sarthak: Well yes this is one kind of a place. But make sure that you know the girl well before proposing ;) :P

Mukesh Kumar said...

Hi Gaurav,
Excellent piece of writing. I visited Rose Garden last year in October with my wife. It was a mesmerizing scene there,especially after rainfall in morning. I stayed there for more than 2 hours enjoying the scenic beauty . I was tempted so many times to pluck few flowers and gift them to my wife, but was bounded my rules :-p
You have refreshed my memories. I saw other pics in Gallery also, all of them are very good.
Will remain hooked for more articles on your blog. :-)

Divyam Garg said...

Hi Mukesh Sir,

I thank you for your comments on our experiences. We look forward to please you with other places as well.

sarthak said...

discover benefits of roses and you will surely plan to go to this heavenly place.

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2. Anti-inflammatory
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Shubhopriyo Basu said...

Never knew that the largest rose garden of the country was here. In fact never never planned to visit this place during my trip. Now I realize what I have missed. My next trip will be planned after taking the opinion from you...