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Finally, our memorable visit to Ooty was coming to an end. It was the last day in Ooty for us , and we were looking for a place where we can go ;sit for hours and just submit ourselves to the tranquility of the place. For this I searched the internet and finally, I got a result - “Emerald Lake”.

Although, there are not many pictures on the web about this place and nor is this place amongst the most visited places in Ooty, yet I was very much adamant on exploring this place. 

The lake is an exquisite lake in upper plateau region of Nilgiri Hills. The lake is surrounded by the popular Silent Valley- the last remaining tropical rain forests in India.(Also in news because of Silent Valley Project).

Water Birds in Emerald Lake
Water Birds in Emerald Lake

We left our hotel in afternoon; the lake being approximately an hour drive from the main town. The journey to the lake was an adventure in itself. The roads were bumpier than the ones we encountered en route Dodabetta Peak. The roads Google maps showed were blocked and we were forced  to take the alternative route 3 times. And the blame for all this was blatantly put on me by my friends; thinking that I am a freak and supposedly taking them to a non-existent place!

In addition to it, we were low on fuel in our car and the driver indicated that it can run only for another 15 kms. So we relentlessly searched for the fuel in the local village. The very prospect of relaxing at the lake seemed bleak to me; the focus now shifted to getting the car filled with fuel. Luckily we got a dealer who sold petrol privately and paid him double the regular petrol price to get our car tanks filled!

Some of the us had started thinking of going back .But had Columbus been able to discover a new land if he would have returned back home! I was still very much firm on my decision to visit the lake. After half an hour of roaming around we finally found someone who told us the correct path to the lake.

But, as soon as we reached there and witnessed the marvel, yes nature’s marvel it was, all the fuss and doubts of my friends regarding the place just washed down and we were being  flabbergasted by the scenic beauty of the place. The place was far, far beyond my expectations!

First view of Emerald Lake
First view of Emerald Lake

A slope leading to the lake, which was filled with pure and clean water. No vehicle no sight of any human being around. It took a while to digest the ambience of the place; such was its aura. It seemed that we were being persuaded by the silence and the peace of the place to keep calm and just start believing what our eyes were looking.

We removed our footwear and ran here and there just to sulk ourselves in that atmosphere. We wanted to be there forever! The photographs will help to understand these feelings.

Tea plantation in suburbs
Tea plantation in suburbs
Lost in some other world
Lost in some other world

For three hours, we did nothing but just gaze upon the lake, the birds and the mountain in the background. The sunset had compelled us to move back to the hotel , but still those scenes are the one that I wish to live again and again in my life.

A scenic beauty
A scenic beauty
The best picnic spot in Ooty
The best picnic spot in Ooty

In this world,everything that has a starting also has an end. Sadly,our wonderful journey to Ooty was also about to conclude. Toy train, heavenly lakes, mighty mountains, gorgeous gardens - Ooty has offered us everything that a traveller seeks!

This visit will remain imprinted in our memories for a long time.

Perfect scenery
Perfect scenery
A perfect picnic spot
A perfect picnic spot

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Unknown said...

most peaceful and serene lake :)

Richa said...

Very nice place,well done Holiday Plans!!!

Unknown said...

Stunning and Beautiful Lake
A hidden Paradise

Unknown said...

Nice Lake
Looking Forward to next article
Amazing place and Amazing piece of work

Ankit said...

One of the mos serene and beautiful place i have visited till now

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! This was clearly the best part of Ooty! Keep blogging for other destinations as well!

sarthak said...


Unknown said...

After reading the article and looking at the pictures of Emerald lake, it seems that I have missed one of the heavenly places on Earth during my visit to Ooty. To me it is like a place where one can do meditation for hours , and forgot all the tensions in one's life.

But I will definitely visit this place during my next visit to Ooty. And will also tell my friends and family about this silent valley . Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

Unknown said...

such a alluring place... good job holiday plans (y)

Unknown said...

@Mukesh : Don't worry,next time if you visit Ooty, just tell us, we will plan for you the best holiday package ,based on your interests.

@Ankita : Thank you...just stay tuned to our blog ,we will soon be uploading our experiences of other states !

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