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Serolsar Lake 

After chilling out on previous day at Tirthan Valley and adventurous waterfall trek we were all set to go to Jalori Pass. This is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 10,281 ft above the sea level and is situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The road to Jalori Pass from Tirthan Valley is a steep one and you need to drive most of the time in 1st gear only. You will pass Banjar, Ghiyagi and Shoja village till you reach Jalori Jat (the starting point of trek to Serolsar Lake).  

On our way to Jalori Pass
On our way to Jalori Pass
View from Sojha Village
View from Sojha Village

Once you reach Jalori Jat, you will find a couple of dhabhas and a temple on the walls of which you’ll find the elevation details painted. Our driver also showed us the Raghupur Fort, the trek route to which is different from this one. Very few people visit there as the fort is in ruins only.  

At Jalori Pass
At Jalori Pass 
Raghurpur Fort
Raghurpur Fort 

The Jalori Pass is getting popular with trekking enthusiasts, especially the beginners. This is also a popular trek route for cyclists. As this part receives heavy snowfall in winters, Jalori Pass is open from March to November only. We started our trek to Serolsar Lake with high enthusiasm as 3 out of 6 people were doing trekking for the first time in their life. For those who have visited Dalhousie and Khajjiar will find striking similarity between the two.  

Starting point of trek to Serolsar Lake
Starting point of trek to 
Herd of sheep taking sunbath
Herd of sheep taking sunbath

Scenic view
Scenic view 

Before starting the trek keep enough drinking water and snacks. The total length of the trek till Serolsar Lake was about 6 kms. You can cover this one easily in about 2 hours. The path is a straight one and one would find it easy to trek. As we were in no hurry to reach Serolsar Lake we took regular breaks and captured the beauty of forests and Banjar Mountains. The route to trek is mixed – with upward and downward terrain. 

Let’s start the trek with a click
Lets start the trek with a click 
Group pic while resting
Group pic while resting 

As there is a temple near Serolsar Lake, you will find mini boards with praying messages painted on them. We found very few people on the trek mostly being villagers. A few villagers came with a herd of sheep.  
Somewhere in between on the trek
Somewhere in between on the trek 
A religious warning to keep the place clean
A religious warning to keep the place clean 
JAI MATA DI - Let's Rock
JAI MATA DI - Let's Rock 
Villagers with herd of sheep
Villagers with herd of sheep 

About 1 km before the Serolsar Lake, you will find a few tea stalls where you can feed your bellies. Eating #Maggi (It’s sad that Maggi is banned now) and having a cup of tea amongst the thick forests of Banjar Mountains is one moment you will cherish for your entire life. We also ate aloo paranthas which we were packed by the guy at Tirthan guest house.  

Tea stall near Serolsar Lake
Tea stall near Serolsar Lake 
The route to lake after the tea stall
The route to lake after the tea stall 
A haircut is needed
A haircut is needed 
The sheep is not interested in getting clicked
The sheep is not interested in getting clicked 

The moment when you’ll saw the first glimpse of Serolsar Lake , you will have a feeling of accomplishment (Yes! I have completed my trek). We rested near the lake for about half an hour admiring the natural beauty of the place. The perimeter of this natural lake has a narrow walking path covered by perimeter fence on the lake side. 

First glimpse of the Serolsar Lake
First glimpse of the Serolsar Lake 
The Serolsar Lake - A natural beauty
The Serolsar Lake - A natural beauty 
Narrow walking path by the side of the lake
Narrow walking path by the side of the lake 
The clear reflection of trees in Serolsar Lake
The clear reflection of trees in Serolsar Lake 

The lake is surrounded by Kharshoo trees all around. There is a belief that you would not notice any leaf floating in the middle of the lake. It seems that birds around the lake ensure that lake looks beautiful without any distraction in form of leaf or anything else of that sort. 
There is a temple (Buddhi Nagi Temple) also just next to the lake where people from nearby villages come to offer prayers. Desi ghee is offered to the deity in the temple. 

The Buddhi Nagi Temple
The Buddhi Nagi Temple 
Temple in the beautiful backdrop

After exploring the place, we decided to leave. On our way back we saw a lot of foreigners trekking their way towards the lake. A group of devotees were also going towards the temple taking an idol with them.  

Group of devotees taking the idol to the temple
Group of devotees taking the idol to the temple 
Rahul is excited to find a stick for the trek
Admiring the beauty of the nature
Admiring the beauty of the nature 

When we about to reach the starting point of our trek, the weather suddenly took a U – Turn and it started raining. The temperature suddenly dipped and our jackets were out. We saw the whole place covered in clouds. You can compare the weather from the pics in the starting and in the end. And soon the masti begins ! 

When the weather took a U – Turn
When the weather took a U  Turn 
Random angle random group pic
Random angle random group pic 
Rahul urff Shahrukh Khan
Rahul - Naam to suna hi hoga 

We also saw a huge vulture who was resting in the valley at one moment, and at other moment having a race with a crow (Don’ know Why!). As the weather was cold, we enjoyed a cup of tea at one of the shops where we warmed our hands in the angithi. 

Vulture and crow in chillax mode
Vulture and crow in chillax mode 
Suddenly the race starts
Suddenly the race starts 
Vulture having a clear advantage
Vulture having a clear advantage
Flying High (without drinking Red Bull)
Flying High (without drinking Red Bull) 
It was already 5 pm in the clock and we had to hurry up as it is risky to drive in night through 
Jalori Pass. We left the place with a group pic.  

The final group pic at Jalori Pass
The final group pic at Jalori Pass 
In case you too are planning to go on your first trek amidst nature, and are searching for an offbeat place, Jalori Pass Serolsar Lake should be your next destination.  
Stay tuned for more offbeat and popular travel blog from every corner of India. 
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