February is the month which starts the beginning of the end of cooler months of the year. So this turns out to be the best time to get out of your houses and roam around the country. We bring to you the list of handpicked 15 different fests and events that can help you decide your next holiday destination. The list is made in order to suit for every genre of people. So here we present 15 unique and interesting fests and events which will take place in India in the month of February 2015.

1.Surajkund International Crafts Mela

Dates: 1st -15th Feb

Place: Surajkund, Faridabad , Delhi NCR

Surajkund is hosting this crafts mela for 29 years in a row now. This is a place for people who love shopping and eating! Things like Handicrafts, potteries, clothes and lot more from all over India are on display here. Chhattisgarh is the theme of this year’s mela! Go out and try different dishes waiting for you from all over the country.
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Beautiful Toy Elephants
                                         Beautiful Toy Elephants (Source)
Colourful Lanterns
                                   Colourful Lanterns (Source)

2. Shekhawati Festival

Dates: 5th – 8th Feb

Place: Shekhawati, Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

Shekhawati is a province in Rajasthan known for its rich culture and art. There are numerous havelis which are painted with great details. Other than havelis you’re up for ride to farms, cultural programs, and local games and also can feast on organic food court.
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Traditional Dance at Shekhawati Festival
                                Traditional Dance at Shekhawati Festival (Source)
Shekhawati Festival Attractions
                                   Shekhawati Festival Attractions (Source)
3. India Surf Festival

Dates: 6th – 8th Feb
Place: Ramachandi Beach, Near Puri Konark, Odisha

Odisha is known for its quieter beaches, but this one is the only festival that brings alive a small village in Odisha. This beach is home to India’s biggest stand up paddle championship in which people take part from all over the world. What’s more, you are in for kite surfing, yoga sessions on the beach, DJ music, skateboarding and what not!
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India Surf Festival
                                India Surf Festival (Source)
                                   Surfer-jump (Source)

4. Sula Fest

Dates: 7th – 8th Feb
Place: Sula Vineyard Amphitheatre, Nasik, Maharashtra

This is one fest which is mixture of music, wine, dance, drinks, food and passion. What’s more; VERO MODA is launching its summer and spring collection for 2015. A must visit, isn’t it?
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\Sula Fest, Nasik
                                Sula Fest, Nasik (Source)
                                   Saxophone! (Source)

5. Manali winter carnival

Dates: 9th – 13th Feb
Place: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is a fabulous place to visit all around the year , but especially at this time of the year this place comes alive to an amazing festival spirit. Organised by Himachal Pradesh Govt this carnival features a skiing competition alongside local band competition. Himachali foods and bazaar wait you as always!
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Traditional Dance at Himachal
                                Traditional Dance at Himachal (Source)
Ancient musical instruments
                                   Ancient musical instruments (Source)

6. Goa carnival

Dates: 14th – 17th Feb
Place: Starts at Panaji and goes through different cities, Goa

Goa is the party capital of India and during these four days it gets bigger and better in every sense. People go frenzy on the streets walking through the parade. This place resembles closely to the Brazilian parade. People wearing masks, dancing, singing and making merry! There’s not one reason why you should miss out!
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Farhan Akhtar performing in Goa
                                Farhan Akhtar performing in Goa (Source)
Casino Carnival!
                                   Casino Carnival! (Source)

6. Neralu: Bangalore Tree Festival

Dates: 7th-8th and 14th-15th Feb
Place: Cubbon Park, Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore is often called as Garden City of India. The greenery of the parks and gardens is eye-catching. This Neralu (literally meaning shade) festival brings all the people of Bangalore together to appreciate the trees of Bengaluru. Nature walks, photography contests, poster making competition among school kids brings out the true color of this fest.
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Tree Walk
                                                 Tree Walk (Source)
Nerula Festival
                                              Neralu Festival (Source)
7. Taj mahotsav

Dates: 18th – 27th Feb
Place: Agra , Uttar Pradesh

The Taj is on a must to do list for every traveler around the world. The aura of the wonder gets even more colorful and enigmatic during these days. Arts and Crafts are decorated in such a way that Mughal era is recreated. Elephants and Camel rides will surely take you to the royal era.
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Beautiful Lights
                                                  Beautiful Lights  (Source)
Man made wonder- Taj Mahal
                                   Man made wonder- Taj Mahal  (Source)
8. Pariyanampetta Pooram

Date: 19th Feb
Place: Katukullam, Palakkad, Kerala

Kerala is known for coconuts, palm trees and elephants. This is the last day of 7 day festival in Pariyanampetta temple in Palakkad district of Kerala. Grand Procession of 21 decorated elephants is taken out across the streets of the town. Also you can witness the local cultural heritage through the puppet shows each evening.
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Mesmerizing scenes at Palakkad
                                Mesmerizing scenes at Palakkad (Source)
Elephants,Elephants everywhere!
                                   Elephants,Elephants everywhere!  (Source)
9. Khajuraho dance festival

Dates: 20th – 26th Feb, Daily @ 7pm
Place: Chitragupta and Vishwanath Temple, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is famous for the erotic sculptures on the walls of temples. Also known as land of Kamasutra, hosts a dance festival which showcases classical style of dance from over the country against the alluring background of such magnificent piece of architecture. You are surely in for a visual treat when such things happen.
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Khujraho Dance Festival
                                Khujraho Dance Festival (Source)
Char Chinar at Dal Lake

10. Rose Festival

Dates: 21st – 23rd Feb
Place: Rose Garden, Chandigarh

City beautiful Chandigarh hosts a 3 day festival at one of the largest rose gardens in Asia to witness the beauty of over 500 varieties of roses. Alongside the flower show, there are cultural performances of music and dance, exhibitions by local artisans, Bollywood musical shows and lot more!
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Rose Festival
                                                    Rose Festival (Source)
Yellow Rose
                                              Yellow Rose (Source)
11. Uthralikavu Pooram

Date: 24th Feb
Place: Vadakkancherry, Thrissur, Kerala.

If you’re visiting Kerala this February then make sure you visit this small town of Vadakkancherry in Thrissur district. The festival of Uthralikavu Pooram is dedicated to goddess kali. Be prepared to get amazed by the rural folks and rituals under the effect of traditional lamps! What’s more you get a chance to explore the rural lifestyle of Kerala and even get to stay in one of the homestays.
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The Uthralikkavu festival
                                The Uthralikkavu festival (Source)
Fire Works
                                  Fire Works (Source)

12. Varshik Magh Mela

Date: 28th Feb
Place: Allahabad

This is a mini version of the Mahakumbh mela held once in every 12 years and is one of the greatest annual religious affairs for Hindus. It is organized every year on the commencement of Magh month at the Triveni Sangam in Allahabad. Take a dip in the sangam and witness the spell bounding Ganga Aarti. You also get a change to gorge upon the delicious Mughlai cuisine.
2N/3D package for Allahabad start from Rs. 4999* per person (T&C Apply) 
Boats at River Ganges
                                Boats at River Ganges (Source)
Hindu Priests at Sangam
                                   Hindu Priests at Sangam (Source)
13. Konkan Turtle Festival

Dates: Feb end to Mid-March
Place: Ratnagiri Coast, Maharashtra

Ever watched a turtle hatch from the egg. This festival is all about watching newly hatched endangered olive ridley turtles and releasing them into the sea. Along with this unique experience you get to see some of the best white sand beaches in India and get to feast on the delicious Konkani cuisine!
2N/3D package for Ratnagiri start from Rs. 4999* per person(T&C Apply)

Olive Readly Turtles
                                Olive Readly Turtles (Source)
Turtle Conservation
                                   Turtle Conservation (Source)

14. Kambala Buffalo race

Dates: Started in Nov’14 and will go up to 28th March.
Dates of race in Feb are 7th, 8th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 28th.
Place: Mangalore, Karnataka

Kambala is a traditional sport of Mangalore (Udupi). It is a buffalo race in muddy water. Indigenous mix of Grand-pix anyone? Originally started by Kings as the source of entertainment has turned into a major event in this part of country. This is one of its kind race and being organized in the homeland of the famous south Indian Udupi cuisine makes it a must visit!
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Buffaloes race at Kambala
                                Buffaloes race at Kambala (Source)
Colours of Kambala!
                                   Colours of Kambala! (Source)


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