Mcleod Ganj (Little Lahsa) feels more like Tibet than India. Streets are lined with Tibetan Prayer flags with momos getting served in every corner of the street.

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Mcleodganj (Source)

Having done with one of the most adventurous trek of our life – Triund Trek and bathing at Bhagsu Falls, we were all set to explore the rest of McleodGanj. We tried different cuisines at different restaurants and believe me you must try every cuisine here. McleodGanj is famous for Momos, Thukpa, Tingmo, Bakleb (a Tibetan version of 'Samosas'. Honey ginger lemon tea is also a refreshing drink available here. 

The local markets here has variety of antique collection of almost every item. The items sold are at reasonable rates. Every day in morning you'll find a lot of people shopping from local vendors.

Antique items in the market
Antique items in the market
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The cute little girl
Handbags in the mcleodganj market
Handbags in the market
Make up items in mcleodganj market
Make up items

Shopping at Mcleodganj
Shopping at Mcleodganj

After having breakfast we went to Tibetan National Martyr’s Memorial. The memorial stands for the heroic Tibetan men and women, who had sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet. The memorial is outside the Exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Temple complex (Tsug la Khang). Tibet museum is also situated inside the complex, tells about the history of Tibet.

Tibetan National Martyrs' memorial dharamshala
Tibetan National Martyrs' memorial 
Tibetan National Memorial
Tibetan National Martyrs' Memorial

The complex houses Namgyal Monastery and shrine rooms. The largest shrine contains a huge gilded statue of the Buddha, along with two smaller statues of Chenresig and Guru Rinpoche. Parts of these statues were brought at great sacrifice from Tibet
Buddha Statue at Namgyal Monastry
Buddha Statue at Namgyal Monastery
Statue of Chenresig Statue of Guru Rinpoche
Statue of Chenresig Statue of Guru Rinpoche
Entrance of Namgyal Monastery
Entrance of Namgyal Monastery

Namgyal Monastery is the residence of his holiness Dalai Lama. Luckily we planned the trip around Dalai Lama’s birthday. When we entered the monastery, we could see decorations going all over the monastery. We came to know that his holiness will come and give a speech. We stayed there for a long time. We saw school children performing various types of dances, various other people celebrating his holiness’s birthday.
The Dalai Lama Temple complex is open daily from sunrise to sunset but it’s better to visit it in morning so that you can join chanting and meditating monks.

Buddha Statue at Namgyal Monastery
Buddha Statue at Namgyal Monastery
Namgyal monastery Dharamshala

Prayer wheels at Namgyal Monastery
Prayer wheels at Monastery
Instructions to rotate MANI Prayer wheel
Instructions to rotate MANI Prayer wheel

The next stop was Dal Lake. Yes Mcleodganj has a lake and coincidentally its called Dal Lake. Although its nowhere near to what Kashmir’s Dal Lake is, but still it is popular tourist point. After Dal Lake, we went to the sightseeing point, where we were saw Dhauladhar range of mountains up close.

Dal lake mcleodganj dharamshala
Thank you India - Tibet
Group pic at Dal Lake mcleodganj dharamshala
Group pic at Dal Lake

Dal Lake dharamshala mcleodganj
Dal Lake signboard
Beautiful scenery at Mcleodganj
Beautiful scenery at Mcleodganj

Dhauladhar range of mountains
Dhauladhar range of mountains

Church of St. John in the wilderness was our next point. Intentionally left to visit after sunset. Though church was closed, but we were allowed entry in the main compound of the church. Going to church at night and discussing wild stories of people encountering ghosts is a common phenomenon these days.

church of St John in wilderness
Board at the entrance of church
church in mcleodganj dharamshala
Closed gates of church

places to visit in mcleodganj
church of st john in mcleodganj dharamshala
Inside the church compound

There were several name stones inside the church complex. We stayed there for about an hour till our driver pushed us as he had to leave early for his home

In the memory of James Bruce
In the memory of James Bruce
church in dharamshala and mcleodganj
Mysterious hut

Naming stones at church
Naming stones at church

This is the ideal season to visit Dharamshala/Mcleodganj. We will explore more places in Dharamshala in our next blog.

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