Konark Temple- Odisha (Source)

Winters were at their full peak and it was the perfect time to run away from the extra chilling weather of National Capital and find some solace somewhere on the sea beach. So again the quest of choosing a coastal region began. Since I had been to the western coast of India i.e. Goa I chose the Land of Gods i.e. Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar this time.

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Konark -the Sun temple

I along with 2 of my friends found us on the flight to Bhubaneswar . Post landing Biju Patnaik International Airport we straightaway headed to Konark where Sun Temple of India is located. I have heard and read a lot about Konark Temple since my childhood and finally getting a chance to be there was an exciting moment for me.

Going down the history lane, this magnificent piece of architecture was built in 13th century AD. Also known as Black Pagoda, this temple is built in the form a gigantic chariot devoted to Lord Sun rightfully earning a place in UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is a sensual temple devoted to pleasure.

First view of Konark Temple
Group photo 

This great architecture is supported by 24 exquisitely carved wheels which are pulled by 7 horses. The carvings on the wheel and on the walls of the temple sing their own tale of magnificence. The style is remotely connected to the Kalinga architecture, though much of the structure has collapsed with the course of time and what we see currently is the temple in ruins. Because of this there is regular maintenance work that is been undertaken by the government.

Entrance of the Konark temple
Carvings on the wheel
Horse of the chariot
Let's pose

Because the structure is in ruins, the route to major deity and the actual temple was closed for the people way back in 1903. All we can witness is the grandeur of this old Indian architecture from outside only. 

The carvings on the temple are very famous among the people for very obvious reasons. They are the erotic carvings taken right out of the book of Kamasutra. Yes this place is the second Khajuraho! We went through the carvings in detail, and attaching few of the pictures for your pleasure.

Erotic karvings on the walls
Erotic Kamasutra poses
Some carvings getting ruined
Other carvings on the walls

Along with the erotic carvings there are little, unique and precisely done handwork on the walls and pillars of the temple that caught our attention too. Also there is a well-developed garden in the complex of this heritage temple. We got hold of a beautiful bird in the garden.

Wheel and carvings 
Garden to take rest
Birds in the garden
View of the entrance from temple platform

Post visiting the enigmatic sculptures and carvings of Sun Temple, we headed towards the Chandrabhaga beach. I had come to this part of India to actually sit and chill on the beach. This was my first encounter with the Bay of Bengal

Chandrabhaga beach is situated at just 3 kms from the Konark temple. It is one of the most pristine and calm beaches in Odisha. We reached there in no time. We noticed that there were a few people and few fishermen who had by their daily routine came to earn their living. I removed my slippers and started walking bare-footed on the wet sand. Water kept on splashing on my feet and this was the feeling that I was longing for !!! 

After walking for some distance, we were all alone with only noises of  birds chirping and water splashing. That’s when I achieved my goal of coming to this place. I am attaching the pictures to describe the moment.

Welcome to Chandrabhaga beach 
Finally the encounter with bay of Bengal
People relaxing at Chandrabhaga Beach
Vibrant color of water

didn't saw any boats, fishermen or camels at Chandrabhaga beach as described by few travellers on their visit . But still the first day of my Eastern Coast excursion went just as I had wanted! We will visit Puri and Chilika Lakethe largest brackish water lagoon of Asia in the next article.

Picture perfect of serene beach
Fishermen at Chandrabagha Beach (Source)

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